WaterPoint PLD

Precision Leak Location

WaterPoint PLD is a uniquely designed, ultra sensitive listening device used to detect water leaks throughout the water distribution system.   The PLD2 App lets users record and save an unlimited number of recordings from different locations and replay them later. PLD is also integrated into the WPN Asset Management app allowing users to associate recordings to assets; track leaks and repairs; and output GIS data and PDF reports.  Dynamic, high resolution audio processing allows mobile users to discover and pinpoint leaks faster and easier than ever before.

PLD2 Main and Settings.jpg



what's included:

  • Sensor unit

  • Detachable eyebolt lifter

  • Detachable handle rod extension

  • Base stand

  • Probe bar

  • Rugged, noise-attenuating headphones

  • Rugged, Pelican iStorm carrying case

  • Recharging cables for office & auto

  • Safety vest

  • User's guide

  • One year limited warranty