WaterPoint LNC

Pinpoints Pipeline Leaks

WPN LNC LoRes.jpg

WaterPoint LNC is a leak noise correlator system that pinpoints pipeline leaks within the WaterPoint Network (WPN) App.  The LNC sensors detect vibrations on access points on the pipe and communicate them to the LNC Base and iPad wirelessly.  Using advanced signal processing, the App processes the information received from the sensors along with WPN map information to pinpoint any leaks detected. 

  • Programmable for immediate or overnight recording

  • Works on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch (iOS 11 or later)

  • Superior high resolution ambient noise cancellation

  • Selectable filter settings

  • Automatically saves correlations

  • GIS data import/export available

  • Automatic pipe distance calculation

  • Lightweight & portable

Correlations are automatically saved with the App along with photos, sound recordings and analysis results. LNC data is always stored locally on the iPad and can be shared and archived via the WPN Cloud Server.





What's included:

  • 2-4 LNC Sensors

  • LNC Base (manages communication)

  • LNC Dock (recharges Sensors)

  • LNC Stage (for direct asphalt recording)

  • Protective & eyebolt sensor caps

  • Power supply & auto USB adapter

  • Cables & carabiners (for chambers)

  • Safety vest

  • One year limited warranty